Words from the 3 – November

I have never been more proud of an issue than I am of this one. I made a promise to myself when we bought this magazine that I would never try to compete with previous issues. That’s a lot harder to do than it is to say yet somehow it seems to be happening naturally. As everything becomes a familiar process, it all starts to become routine. The “easier” things get, the more we set out to achieve. The amount of work that goes into each issue never seems to lighten so it’s time to grow.

NM3 Winter Semester Internship Program
NM3 will be offering unpaid internships starting in January. Receive college credit, experience in the media world, massive exposure, and great additions to your portfolio or resume.

Available Positions:
► Writing
► Editing
► Graphic Design
► Sales (commission-based)
► Web Design/Development
► Videography

Applicants must have a laptop computer and advanced computer knowledge. Must be enrolled into a program associated with media, marketing, etc. Advanced knowledge of Adobe programs is a must for anyone applying for the graphic design, web, or video positions.

Send a resume and a link to your website or a digital portfolio to: Dane@NM3Live.com

We had loads of fun working on this issue. We would like to thank Matt Davis and Adam Spinniken for allowing us to write the piece on Armor Express. We want to thank Dan Griffith from Shooters Indoor Range for providing us with a ton of gun fun. Thanks to Hedges Macdonald for meeting with us and humoring our ideas. A big thanks to Brant from Rootstand for allowing us to cover Rootenanny. Lastly we want to thank Guntzviller’s Taxidermy & The Spirit of the Woods Museum. Without them the deer on the cover wouldn’t have been possible. As always, please support the businesses who advertise in our Magazine and bring it to you free of charge.